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Named "Best Advance in Content Authoring" at the Brandon Hall Awards

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  • “Our learners love that they can access training on the device of their choice - we’re lowering costs and building the future our company.”

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As Smart As Your Smartphone

Other responsive authoring tools simply cram your content onto your smartphone screen, resulting in learner frustration.

Respond5 optimizes intelligently to every single device, browser and screensize, ensuring your content looks great and functions properly everywhere - completely automatically.

With Respond5, it's finally possible to deliver an elegant and intutive learning experience on any device

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Instant Video Courses

Want to convert a video to a responsive SCORM course? Want to let your learners access it on any device?

With Respond5, you can convert any video to a tracked SCORM course in seconds.

Turn on "Flow Control" with a single click and you can be sure your learners watched it all the way through. Add a quiz and you've built a powerful micro-learning experience!

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Build Responsive eLearning in Minutes

We've thought of everything, so you don't have to.

Works with any LMS

Respond5 content is fully SCORM-compliant and automatically handles tracking, flow-control and bookmarking - in any LMS

Reach Every Device

Every part of Respond5 works perfectly on every screen size - just add your content and you're done

Update Content Instantly

When you're done making changes, just click "publish" and your content will be updated everywhere it is hosted - instantly

Syncronized Narration

Respond5 is the only responsive authoring tool that lets you add narrated elements that work on all devices - including the iPhone

Drag-and-Drop Simplicity

Our widget system lets you drag and drop to add complex interactions and our page layouts aren't restricted like other authoring tools

Elegant Design

Respond5 incorporates Google's Material Design system to make sure your content looks great right out of the box

Powerful Theming

Control every color using our simple and intuitive theme editor

Exam Management / Reporting

Create multi-bank exams, view learner's results, locate problem questions and update them instantly

Extensive Widget Library

Our library of 40+ widget types is always growing and keeping your learners engaged

Elegant Elearning Authoring

Our cutting-edge interface saves you time and effort by optimizing automatically
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One Tool.
Every Device.

Everything you create with Respond5 is responsive from the start. The world has gone mobile. Create once, reach everywhere.

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Revolutionary Inline Editing with Widgets

The convenience of editing your courses directly inline without delay. Just click and start typing or drag and drop to add interactive elements. The changes you make update everywhere instantly with the push of a button - with the security of full version control. Give your staff the power to update content anytime - without waiting on developers.

Make Interaction a Snap

You just drag, drop and design your course with user-friendly widgets to add interactivities to your content. No coding required.

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Meaningful Reports
and Statistics

Respond5 features integrated quiz tracking and leverages Google Analytics' powerful reporting and statistics system to provide you with meaningful data beyond what your LMS provides.

Unparalleled Power

Respond5 is the only authoring tool that lets you insert custom HTML, Canvas, Javascript, Adobe Animate CC, Captivate and Storyline animations directly into your responsive content.

The possibilities are endless :)

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Convenient Cloud Authoring

Unburden your IT with a pure cloud authoring experience. Nothing to install - available anytime and anywhere.

Collaborate securely and edit your content inline even after you've launched on your LMS!

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Hospitality, contruction, medical, leisure and more... We're working to help you grow.

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A Few Words From Our Customers


We've received outstanding feedback from our customers on the ease of use and functionality of Respond5. Would highly recommend Respond5 to anyone looking to create professional online learning.

— Brett Preston, Director of Digital Services, STA


More than impressed - I would recommend Respond5 to anyone moving educational content online.

— Erin White, Founder, Explore the Vine


Our experience using Respond5 has been outstanding. It is simple to use to create first-class, interactive e-learning programs.

— Natalie Duncan, Indiana Hemophilia & Thrombosis Center


The ability to quickly link-in responsive videos and quizzes is key for our application - Respond5 makes this a simple drag and drop action. We'd recommend the system to anyone looking to delivery mobile-friendly elearning.

— Glenn Mills – US Olympian, Co-Founder of


User-friendly creativity options that work and clean, sharp-looking visual effects. Excellent customer service.

— Chris Gabrielson, President, Kablam Consulting


We needed an authoring tool that would allow us to reach our learners on every device. Respond5 allowed us to target not just tablets, but smartphones as well. We're very happy with the solution.

— Byron Cropp – Founder of Lightwave Learning

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  • Flexible Online Storage
  • Flexible Monthly Bandwidth
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  • Fun interactions
  • One-click SCORM download
  • "Instant Update" functionality
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“I LOVE Respond5... just saying.”


— Tanya Martinussen, Founder of MaidMojo